Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Quirky Tips and Tricks #4: Saving $ When Building a Chicken Coop/Tractor/Yard - Poultry Netting vs. Stucco Netting and Cattle Panels vs. Remesh

When setting up a chicken coop or chicken tractor, don't buy poultry netting. Instead go to the stucco section at your local hardware store and get a roll of stucco netting.

It's way cheaper, about half the price of poultry netting and stucco netting with one inch holes is exactly the same as poultry netting.

When we went to price a few things we needed for our flock, 3ft tall poultry netting was $34 for 50ft (~68 cents per ft) and 3ft tall stucco netting was $52 for 150ft (~35 cents per ft).

We were going to need quite a bit of it to use around the perimeter of the chicken yard anyway, so a 150ft roll wasn't that big of a deal even though it sounds like a lot of wire.

Looking at this picture of our half finished chicken tractor reminds me of another item we switched out that also saved us a few pennies.  

When I was first throwing around ideas of what to use to make a chicken tractor, I was going to use cattle panels and cover them with chicken wire, but I ended up getting stucco wire instead of chicken wire and a construction material called remesh instead of cattle panels.

Remesh comes in 7ft x 4ft  panels and was cheaper than the cattle panels I was originally going to use.  I think one 16ft cattle panel was around $24 or $25 maybe more, but two sheets of remesh were only about $16 at around $8 each.

We ended up making a 7ft long A-frame shaped chicken tractor.  The only reason we used the gray pvc pipes you see in the photo was because they were something we already had sitting out in the yard, although they would have been a good choice even if we had to buy them because they aren't all that expensive and they won't rot out like wood.

That's my quirky tip and trick along with my 2 cents for the day.

Ciao for now

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